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Oral Surgery

Our South Tampa dental office is determined to help you maintain a healthy smile with as many of your original teeth as possible. However, there may be times when you face a dental problem where every other possible solution has been considered and a tooth extraction is determined to be the best way to proceed. Here are a few situations where you may need a tooth extraction.

  • Your emerging wisdom teeth are causing surrounding teeth to shift out of place.
  • A tooth has experienced too much decay, and a root canal is not a feasible option.
  • A dental trauma due to injury.
  • A root canal has become critically infected.

These situations happen more often than you realize. In fact, a tooth extraction is regarded as a routine procedure at our South Tampa dental office. That doesn’t stop us from providing you with the best dental care possible!

Before we can make the recommendation for a tooth extraction, we need to examine you. We may also take X-rays and discuss your health history if you are a new patient to our practice. We gather all of the facts before making a plan. If a tooth extraction is deemed necessary, we can continue onto the removal process. First, we’ll apply a numbing agent to your teeth, bone and gums. Next, we delicately loosen your tooth from its cavity using dental tools designed specifically for tooth removal.

Once your tooth has been removed, there will be some bleeding. We’ll immediately pack your tooth cavity full of gauze and ask you to leave it there for at least one hour. It’s essential to apply constant pressure to the extraction area by holding a bite until a blood clot has had time to form. Replace your gauze whenever it becomes too wet, dirty or otherwise ineffective. Also, wait a full day before brushing your teeth.

We realize that having a tooth extracted is an unpleasant task, so we’ll do our best to make your experience as quick and comfortable as possible. Also, please keep in mind that you have many restorative options to replace your missing tooth (or teeth) such as crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

No matter what dental issue or concern you have, our South Tampa dental team is at your service! Call (813) 906-6737 to set up an appointment.