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Dental Bridge

Your teeth are a collective force. When one goes missing, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to affect the rest of your mouth. This can manifest in several ways. Sometimes your other teeth start shifting towards places they shouldn’t. Or your bite may become an issue when too much stress is placed on the tops of your teeth.

Other times, a missing tooth may trigger your jawbone to shrink. Because your jawbone supports your lips and mouth, any tiny changes can affect the contours of your face. In short, missing teeth can cause a lot of problems aside from their unpleasant appearance.

Dental bridges can make a major difference in how your teeth function and also how you feel about your smile. That’s why our South Tampa dental office is committed to educating you on the benefits of a dental bridge.

During your appointment at our South Tampa dental office, either Dr. Plumley or Dr. Sanchez will provide with plenty of information regarding your dental bridge, but it’s always best to have a basic understanding beforehand. This allows you the opportunity to come prepared witha list of questions!

In the meantime, here’s a quick explanation of what’s involved… A dental bridge works by, essentially, creating a bridge above your missing tooth. First, false teeth (also known as pontics) are carefully positioned in the vacant space where your real tooth once resided. They can be made from gold, metal, porcelain Next, the bridge is placed on top of the false teeth, and fastened to abutment teeth on both sides of the pontics. After checking the fit of your newly placed permanent bridge, you’ll be all finished!

When you’ve suffered the loss of one or more teeth, a dental bridge may be the best approach for replacement. This type of treatment restores function by improving speech and preserving the alignment of surrounding teeth. It also brings back your bite and helps to maintain the shape of your face.

Our South Tampa dental office is well-equipped to help you achieve a more beautiful smile, regardless of the situation. When you’re ready to make an appointment, call (813) 906-6737.