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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process of applying a substance (typically a composite resin) to the surface of a tooth. It has the ability to vastly alter your smile and is one of the easiest, most affordable cosmetic procedures available to you at our South Tampa dental office.

Although dental bonding may not be suitable for every cosmetic dental issue you face, it can fix quite a few of them!

In particular, dental bonding is considered a viable solution for the following situations:

  • Protection: When receding gums expose the root of your tooth, bonding helps to shield it from further damage.
  • Repair: Most chipped and cracked teeth can be mended with dental bonding.
  • Fillings: Bonding is often used to fill smaller voids caused by tooth decay.
  • Enlargement: If one tooth is significantly smaller than the rest of your teeth, dental bonding can be utilized to increase its size and shape.
  • Spacing: Large spaces between teeth can be quickly closed with dental bonding.
  • Discoloration: Severely stained teeth can be greatly minimized through the use of bonding.

If any of the above circumstances applies to you, dental bonding may be a good fit for you. Here’s what you can expect from this procedure at our South Tampa dental office…

First, the composite resin is chosen. We make every effort to match this resin to the color of your tooth, ensuring it looks just as real as the rest of your mouth. Next, your dentist will scrape the exterior of your tooth, producing a coarse texture which allows for a better bond with the composite resin. At this point, the resin is placed onto your tooth and sculpted until it becomes the proper shape.

A light is then used to completely solidify the resin. Next, it’s time for the final touches! Your tooth is inspected and pruned of any extra resin. Lastly, your tooth is buffed and smoothed. The entire dental bonding procedure typically takes less than one hour.

There are no special care instructions for tooth that’s received dental bonding. Follow a good oral hygiene routine and your bonding can last up to eight years before requiring replacement.

Are you ready to book an appointment for dental bonding? Our South Tampa dental office is waiting to hear from you! Contact us online or call (813) 906-6737 to reach a member of the OPES Health team.